Rental Income Properties

Rental Property Red Lodge Montana, Rental Income Property Red Lodge MontanaAn investment opportunity

A second home can be best justified by mixing personal use with rental income to help leverage the investment. Given our location, quality, and the natural beauty, our lots and town homes offer guaranteed adherence to the old real estate adage that it’s all about location. The success of the rental program has delivered a four year rental income history, which now shows revenues of 25K to 40K per year per town home for the 6 units in our rental pool.

  • One owner uses his town home 100 days a year and still generates 25K in rental income
  • Another uses the town home two weeks a year and generates 40k+ in rental income.
  • 12 of our town homes have two master bedrooms and 6 have three master bedrooms creating a very unique opportunity for families and friends to join together to buy one of these 3 and 4 bedroom town homes.

Here’s how to make your second home pay for itself!